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Monday, September 19, 2011


How does J-Lo, Marc Anthony, Justin Verlander and Alan Thicke all related to each other?  Read on to find out!!!

1. Taking into consideration last year, the Miami Dolphins have lost 9 out of their last 10 at home!  The team tried to hire another coach (Jim Harbaugh) before firing Tony Sparano, then signed Sparano to a 2 year contract.  They also openly tried to acquire QB Kyle Orton from Denver, and that fell through.   Things are a mess in Miami and that does not even include J Lo leaving Marc Anthony!!!

2. Do the Leafs open their exhibition schedule tonight?  Holy cow, there were at least 50 tweets breathlessly detailing the line up tonight.   There are 70 bodies in camp right now, so expect a lot of mixing and matching as the Leafs navigate the NHL's convoluted Exhibition dressed/not dressed rules.

3. Marc Crawford joins TSN as an analyst.  Good for him as me may need a pay check if the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi lawsuit goes horrible awry.  Can't get the image of Crawford smirking as Steve Moore lay prone on the ice.

4. The Ice Dogs open their season in Peterborough on Tuesday and then get a much needed week off before the home opener.   As of this point in time, only David Pacan has been returned from his NHL affiliation (Florida)

5. Thumbs down to McMaster QB Kyle Quinlan who got himself arrested after a scuffle in a campus bar.  Quinlan has been suspended by the team, which is less than convenient in a year that McMaster was destined to some damage.  Gotta remember that as an elite on campus athlete, you are more visible and also a target!!

6. Non-Sports, but How I Met Your Mother returns with a new episode double shot!! Gotta love Neil Patrick Harris and the random Alan Thicke cameos!

7. Watched WWE Night of Champions at the movie theatre last night.  The show itself was pretty good, but the most fun was watching the signs that fans bring to the matches.  Some tasteless, some funny, but always creative.  Kudos to the man in full luchadore/Insane Clown Posse get up.  Good for you sir!!!

8. Dallas won 27-24 in OT yesterday, but the most telling stat was Dallas being favoured by 3.  A lot of bettors were left broken hearted as in OT Dallas completed a 77 yard pass to the one.  Dallas scores a TD and those who wagered on Dallas are very happy today....

9. Kansas City has been outscored a whopping 89-10 in two losses to Buffalo and Detroit, who subsequently are 2-0 to start the season.  Did anyone pick that????

10. Brandon Morrow continues to confound, confuse, frustrate and impress.  After getting rocked for the better part of the second half, he turns in a gem yesterday against the Yankees.  Do I go for the Morrow jersey, or do I hedge my bets and go for the much more safe Lawrie or Bautista one?

11. That sound?  Its the sound of the Red Sox season going down the tubes!!

12. Justin Verlander is 24-5 and he should be the MVP.  No one has made more of a difference to his team tangibly and via intangibles.  He gives the bullpen a rest, and his win percentage is far above his teams average.   I know the arguments about pitchers and position players, but if you take a look at a position player: Do his HR's and RBI's always make a tangible difference in a game or not?  My guess is not.  Verlander, Granderson, Bautista, Gonzales are my top 4.

Steve Clark


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