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Friday, June 22, 2012


A disclaimer for those expecting a light-hearted sports related fare, you can skip this posting.  

Perhaps you have heard of seen the lightest viral video out there entitled "Making the Bus Monitor Cry".  It is a 10 minute vicious mean-spirited verbal attack by middle school students on a 68 year old grandmother/bus monitor.  Personally, I could not watch the whole thing straight through due to the nastiness that spewed from the mouths of these students.   You will be shocked, and horrified by what is being said, and what is being threatened. 

The video is shocking, but not all together surprising in this day and age of societal coddling and entitlement.   I have been an educator for 12 years and have seen the slow downward spiral in terms of accountability and consequences for misbehavior and the temptation not only in school but also in society is to blame the victim as much as the perpetrator.   Sadly, my guess is that this will swept under the rug and not properly dealt with,  despite public clamoring.  The poor lady herself has declined to press charges.  Who could blame her?  The likely end result is a slap on the wrist, remanded to parents with a very good chance the cycle of behaviour beginning again. The fact of the matter is that bullying has been around forever in our schools and our workplaces, and it is rarely dealt with swiftly and appropriately. 

This video is also about the  viral video nature of our society.   This video is at 3.9 million hits and counting and this now unassuming grandmother has been thrust into the spotlight.   Yes, there will be sympathy and it is admirable to see a fund set up so this lady can retire, but it cannot be much fun seeing yourself get bullied in front of a large viral audience.   

Sadly I've seen it all before and I'll see it all again. 

Video is here: 

Steve Clark

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