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Friday, February 22, 2013


Sportscasting is constantly undergoing a metamorphosis of some sort, and the product on today bears little resemblance to days of yore.  Today much interaction, like the Tim and Sid Show on Fan590, is done through Twitter or e-mail, or texting.   Some eschew that sort of interaction in favour of the normal call in method.   One other trend that is really becoming apparent is the influx of print journalists to both television and the radio.  Newspaper writers come with a name familiarity and also a dedicated following. If a reporter is articulate, they are a natural fit for radio and TV.

David Naylor, formerly of the Globe and Mail now hosts TSN1050's important drive show.  Naylor, who cut his teeth as the football "Insider" started hosting a show on Saturday afternoon, and then got the important slot when TSN parted ways with James Cybulski.  Naylor is bright, articulate and has a lot of connections.  His on-air personality is not really defined, but that does not matter as he already has a built in audience.

There are many other writers with high profile gigs on TV and Radio.  Damien Cox and Stephen Brunt share time on Prime Time Sports, billed as the nations most listened to talk show.  Add in the fact that Cox is a regular panelist for hockey and Stephen Brunt does a number of wonderful TV essays, those two have effortlessly crossed mediums.

Others who have fit that bill are the well-regarded Bruce Arthur and antagonistic Steve Simmons who both are on TSN's The Reporters and are regulars on the radio.  All of the aforementioned still write for their home newspaper, with the exception of Brunt who rarely appears in The Globe and Mail.  Jeff Blair and Michael Grange are two other Globe and Mail Reporters who cross platforms.  It used to be that you had to have a good voice and an engaging personality.  Not some much anymore.  Never have their been so many "ink stained wretches" in important television and radio positions.  You need to learn how to write and to build a consistent and loyal audience.  

With that in mind, here is a video of a black Labrador doing funny things.  It is hoped that this video goes viral and I can build an nurture a large fanbase. 

Steve Clark

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