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Friday, May 3, 2013


Aah the joys of having your own blog. Because in the creative sense, a blog can be an extension of your own personal Freedom of Expression, you can use it to gratuitously plug your own self-absorbed, ego maniacal projects! 

With that in mind, happy to say that my initial foray into the world of hosting, producing and creating my own TV Sports Show has continue to define itself, and has returned this year for brand new episodes.  Last year we experimented with a half-hour format and felt a little constrained with content, and the time seemed rushed.  Plus, some shows were better than others.  As a guy used to play by play, it does take a while to define your own personality on-air when you are in the hosting realm, as opposed to commenting as to what is happening on the field/ice/court.   I sure had my good days and bad days.  What I did not realize is that every single minute detail from the set, to the camera placement, to the placement of your guests to what you wear become equally as important as the content you are providing.  My most egregious error was showing up too casually, actually wearing a golf shirt, khaki pants and sandals.  Unfortunately due to camera placement my sandled feet were on display far too much, and it was far from a pleasing visual.   Overall, the shows were effective and gave us a solid foundation with which to build upon. 

This year we expanded to one hour, kept the panel format, though I will be experimenting with a couple of one on ones, and tried to tackle a lot more issues oriented shows.  So far we have tried to define Hamilton as a sports town, and tried our hand at marketing Canadian university sport. In the works is a show featuring local basketball legendary coach Mark Walton, and what one of his ex-players is doing, a hopeful 1 hour sit-down with a prominent member of the sports media, who just happens to be from the Hamilton area.   In fact, what we have found is that there are a lot of great stories from Hamilton out there just waiting to be told.   There is a new summer basketball league playing out of Redeemer College, Dundas is hosting the Allan Cup next year, there are Hamiltonian's excelling in both the amateur and professional field.  For myself, gone are the sandals and golf shirts, and I feel more, and more comfortable each week in the hosts chair.  I have utmost respect for journalists like Michael Landsberg who do this each and every day.  In fact, I would say that the Off The Record template is the one I look to for guidance.   We choose our guests carefully because guest dynamic is likely as important a factor as the host, or any of the other aesthetics.  So far we have struck gold as the guests have been eager to discuss, debate and clarify. 

There are many great stories that have been told, and are yet to be told.  We are always scouring the newspapers for good stories!  Maybe someday, yours is the one that we will tell.  Stay tuned...

Episode 1:  Hamilton as a Sports Town- guests Scott Radley (Hamilton Spectator, CHML Sports Lounge), Doug Farraway (Former PD of The Fan 590)- Aired April 26th

Episode 2:  Marketing the CIS- guests Robert Hilson (Athletic Director Brock University), Parrish Offer (Marketing Officer McMaster Athletics and Recreation)- Airs May 3rd 4pm and 10pm

Episode 3:  Basketball:  Achieving the Next  Level- guests Mark Walton (longtime coach at high school/elite/NCAA) Mihai Raducanu (NCAA Athlete/Founder No Limit Sport- Airs May 10th 4pm and 10pm 

Episode 4: TBA, Airs May 17th 4pm and 10pm

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