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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Very, Very Random Thoughts From the World of Sports/Non-Sports

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Talk about a lazy Tuesday.  Thoughts of household projects should be first and foremost on my mind, but instead I sit here and try to think up ways to delay the inevitable.  Who am I kidding?  I can be as de-motivated as anyone when it comes to physical labour, So.....with my best Steve Simmons like rapid changes of topics, here goes!

There are two books that I always think of when it comes to chasing my sports broadcasting dreams:  Howard Stern's Private Parts and Mick Foley's Have a Nice Day.   While the two personalities could not be more different, there journey's are what inspires me.  Stern , for all his crassness and controversy, reinvented himself from a mediocre radio DJ to the self-proclaimed King of All Media by taking chances, shining the spotlight on his own personality and broke down many radio taboos.   Foley plied his trade never missing a wrestling date, sleeping in his own car and always giving more than the required 100% to reach his dream of being a star wrestler.  One thing from his journey always stood out. He rarely, if ever, missed a wrestling booking because you never know if it is going to be your big break.  I carry that with me every time I travel the highways to St Catharine's, Hamilton or any other gym,/arena where I'm broadcasting.   Now, I can add John Feinstein's Where Nobody Knows Your Name, a look at various people in AAA baseball. The book deals with players, managers, umpires and even broadcasters as they chase the big league dream.  Sad to say that the story that resonated with me the most was the one in which the guy did not achieve his dream.  Go figure!  Still, it was a wonderful, and very relateable read. 

Players are not the focus this time, but its coaches and GM's who earn the spotlight.  Congrats to Steve Spott on his gig as new assistant coach with the Maple Leafs.  A couple of years ago I heard Spott might be mad at me when I made an on-air comparison between him and Barry Trotz.  I hope he's forgotten about itr, or forgiven me because he could kick my ass six ways from Sunday.   Also, congratulations to Kyle Dubas, now former GM of the Soo Greyhounds, who is the new Assistant GM with the Leafs.  Dubas was never afraid of the big move, like when he acquired Jack Campbell for a boatload of draft picks, or when he chose Shelden Keefe as his coach, a move many raised their eyebrows over his association with David Frost.  Keefe has been a wonderful coach, leading the Soo to an outstanding record in the competitive Western Conference. Dubas forward thinking and use of new stats/analytics are what made him an enticing commodity for Brendan Shannahan and the Leafs.  Great to see OHL guys moving up.  Should also add Chris Byrne and Jeff Twohey to the list. They have landed with LA and Phoenix respectively. 

Eyes will focus on the Dogs as they are one of several teams yet to ink their first round draft pick.  Logan Brown is a towering 6'4 centre, who would be a great addition to the Dogs this year and going forward.  He's hedged his bets and may go an alternative route.  I have to believe that a brand new arena and a team with great potential and a number of NHL Draft picks and prospects would be excellent selling points for Brown.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, as you can see at the top of this blog, the new arena looks spectacular from the inside.  Seats are being installed, outside concrete and pathways are finished, signage is being raised.  Can't wait to get in and see where the old gondola will be.  The arena will be centre stage for a national audience as the CHL Top Prospects game will be played there early in 2015. 

Another day of hand wringing for loyal Jays followers as the non-waiver trade deadline gets a day closer.  The Jays are middling/scuffling/free falling/struggling-- choose your adjectives.  Yet waiver wire pick ups such as Nolan Reimold and Brad Mills are your newest Jays.  Sergio Santos has been DFA'd and Alex Sanchez will be called up to be either a saviour or trade bait, depending on how you fell.   There is no better time to grab the AL East by the horns and claim the division. Baltimore, New York, Boston and Tampa all have their warts.   A move here and a tweak there plus a return from injury by Lawrie, Encarnacion and Lind could put the Jays over the top.   

Completely random final thought but my wife and I are now hooked on Orange is the New Black, the great series on Netflix.  Smartly written and unafraid of tackling real story lines while remaining soap opera dramatic, its riveting stuff.   We're half way through Season Two and like many others are waiting for Season Three to be released!

Talk soon
Steve Clark

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