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Friday, May 1, 2015

NBLC Just Can't Help Itself

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So many clever phrases, euphemisms and metaphors could be used.  In the end it came down to " death by a thousand paper cuts" or "self-inflicted wounds" .  For the purposes of clarity and having it fit the narrative, "self inflicted wounds" wins out.  

The NBLC just can't seem to avoid self inflicted wounds (see how that worked out! ).  Already  a league on shaky ground financially and in terms of publicity and marketing, there seemed to be the beginnings of stability, and even expansion as Niagara had joined the league.  They may have undone all of the good will they have built with the farce that surrounded Game 7 of the championship series between Windsor and Halifax.  When you think "Game 7" , stirring words such as "going for broke" "winner takes all" "intense" "gritty" are ones that come to mind, the word "farce" should not.    The fact that the Game was not played would not be in the realm of possibility would it?   Sadly, that is exactly what happened.   The actions that led to the Halifax Rainmen hitting the highway instead of their free throws are beyond comprehension and explanation.  In fact I cannot bring myself to type out the details.  Fortunately there are those that did, and the details are here:   

Morris DallaCosta London Free Press:   NBLC "black eye"

Bob Duff:  Windsor Star Another Black Eye...

Neate Sagar Yahoo Sports Game 7 Cancelled

Monty Mosher Halifax Chronicle Herald:  Rainmen /Express Brawl

Suffice to say that having a team fear for their safety (and I bet there's even more to the incredulous account reported in the newspapers) to the point of not playing in a Game 7 for all the marbles is a tremendous cause for concern and may add the final nail to the Halifax Rainmen coffin as they had not been faring too well in Halifax.   Reporters like Monty Mosher and Morris DallaCosta are very good reporters who have brought tremendous credibility and honesty to the league.  Their words should be measured very carefully in terms of how credible the league is.  

Sad thing is that I was looking forward to having the Niagara franchise in the league and even hoped to call a game or two should any be televised.The owners seemed to genuinely thrilled to be bringing pro basketball to the region and had set up a naming contest for the team, and would play out of the beautiful Meridian Centre.  They were in Windsor and got a first hand look at what they invested their hard earned money in.  I cannot imagine that they are too thrilled with this turn of events.   

In the midst of this Butch Carter continues on his own path of getting a professional league for Canada. The CBL hopes to start up this fall, and while the league's franchises have not been officially named yet, there is a TV deal with CHCH ready to go.  For those who truly are invested in seeing professional basketball in Canada, Butch Carter maybe its best and only hope.   

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