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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Broadcasting Life...

Sometimes the life of a broadcaster trying to make their way to the elite levels sucks.   We are not unlike the players we cover, slogging it out in the junior ranks or minor leagues hoping for that call to The Show.I  love what I do.  THere is an energy, and an adrenaline rush whenever I enter a bulding to call a game.  I enjoy every thing about it, from the camaeraderie of the TV crew, knowing you are working together to put together a quality product, to interracting with the fans and the players.  That said, this off season, for me, was a  lot more frustrating than others.

  I applied for a number of NHL or network gigs, only to come up empty.  While the supply vastly outweighs the demand in broadcasting, every time you get that "thanks but no thanks"  it sticks with you and you start questioning the business, your broadcasting ability, and whether or not you fit in it.I am not full time in Sports Broadcasting.  I am freelancer, on the fringes, on the periphery- many different ways to phrase it, but I to do feel like an outsider to those who are full time in broadcasting.   

 I do not mind saying that at points this summer, I became greatly encouraged by the opportunities presented to me, but then quickly fell to the depths when they did not work out and at times felt quite in despair.  I take a fair amount of time away from my family for a modest financial gain over the fall and winter and began to feel really guilty that the time I was taking away was a result of a selfish decision to purse a dream I never had a hope in making happen.  Couple that with an extra long off season thanks to the IceDogs early playoff exit, the Bulldogs missing the playoffs, a and a late home start to the season this year, It gave me way too much time to think about where I am in my life and broadcasting career. Yep, that's right it got that profound and that deep!

  Fortunately I do have a wonderful support system in my wife, who always reminds me I'm in a great position and that there is a plan for me.  That along with this podcast helped crystallize my thoughts and gave me pause.   I realized that I had taken something that was a hobby and a passion and had turned it into something I could not relax and enjoy because I had not reached the summit, so to speak.  

Here is the podcast:  Sportscasting Challenges Podcast

This podcast really resonated with me and it came at just the right time.  Sometimes you feel like you are the only one in the business struggling and suffering, and in a sense it was good to know that there are other people that feel that way. You might think that the attitude of misery loves company is not the most positive one, but I prefer to think of it that I am not alone.  I had got very, very down on myself and began questioning the quality of my work. I thought that I had blown my big opportunity. In short, what was my hobby, had become not something I could relax and enjoy because I had not reached the summit so to speak. 

What did not help is that there were big changes in the sports broadcasting world.   Rogers getting the national NHL rights essentially decimated the CBC and while a lot of good sports people landed with Rogers, many others did not and are looking for work.   TSN/Bell managed to stay afloat thanks to their regional NHL coverage, but I have no doubt they took a hit as well.   In a strange way that made me really appreciate what I have right now.   

 I 'm now really looking forward to the season and what it could bring. I have not given up on that dream of reaching the elite, but have tried to focus on the present instead of dwelling on the past and looking too far into the future.  This year will be a big year in terms of my professional development and I will utilize to take chances, up my game and be the best damn play by play/on camera broadcast I can be.   The thing is, I will enjoy doing it and will not let where I am not in my broadcasting career bring me down.  Upwards of 47 mini road trips potentially await me this year, and that means a lot of drinking coffee on the fly and long work days as I segue from my day time "pay the bills job" to my hobby and passion.  

The one piece of advice that I have to remind myself of time and time and time again is that whatever your role is at games, be it fan, usher, coach, player, referee, off ice official, broadcaster, enjoy the game and appreciate where you are because that's what I'm going to do.  We're all in this together. 

Steve Clark

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