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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Steve, seen in this report, with an attempt at looking thoughtful, intelligent and articulate

More details coming tomorrow, but just to let everyone know that I have not abandoned the blog, life has become so busy between that other job I do, and being a good dad to my now extremely active and talkative three year old!

Here is what I have planned for the blog over the course of the season.  I really want to keep a good running documentation of my year in broadcasting, as well as making sure Junior and AHL fans get their team fix.

I have had it in my head to start writing a book detailing my climb up the ladder in broadcasting.  Of course, the last chapter, the move up to the NHL has yet to be written or will never be written.  Who knows at this point?  That's not glass half-empty thinking but there are factors beyond control at work out there!  This idea of kicking around a journal/anthology/book has been there for a while, I just need to get the kick in the ass to write about it.  The working title is Tougher Than A Two Dollar Steak. Now I just need to get Jim Ross to sign off me ripping off his signature catch phrase :-) 

So the blog this year will feature IceDog video highlights for sure, and a very short recap.  Not sure about Bulldog highlights because I would have to do all the editing myself and I likely will not have time.  I am also thinking of the odd audio/video blog/commentary, assuming I can navigate the technology.  I've seen the Apple Gigantic Commercial.  IPads, iPhones can do just about anything right?  

Expect there to be a lot more content on this blog, with a lot of variety!   Writing can be cathartic and it can articulate things in a way that helps clear your head or clarify a thought.  

You may also get some none sports blogs.  I am the combative sort, so if a controversial topic that is non-sports related becomes discussable, you will likely read about.  I will give a full disclosure on non-sports content, as I know its is not everyone's cup of tea!

Until tomorrow or Friday...

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