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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Atlanta to Winnipeg

Previously I wrote a lengthy blog imploring the good people of Winnipeg to temper their expectations when it came to the NHL returning to that great sports city. It is found here:

With the wild and very much founded speculation that the Thrashers are Winnipeg bound, it can be tough to figure out what is a reliable source and what isn't. For my money, here is my list of great Canadian sources. If this guys or gals say it or write it, they carry a lot of credibility in my opinion:

1. Stephen Brunt- Globe and Mail
2. Elliote Friedman - Hockey Night in Canada
3. Bruce Arthur- National Post
4. Nick Kypreos - Rogers Sportsnet
5. Gary Lawless- Winnipeg Free Press
6. John Shannon- Rogers Sportsnet
7. Bob McCown- Fan 590/Rogers Sportsnet

There are others, but these are guys that I would take to the bankThere are those from the Atlanta Journal Constitution who have done a credible job, but I haven't really had a chance to read as much of their stuff.

There is a lot of wild speculation out there. Take some of it with a grain of salt.

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