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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Blogger/Broadcasters Introduction

I figured that I continue to round out my social media, by introducing my own blog. I figure that I write enough as it is, so why not personalize my thoughts? As someone who covers the Ontario Hockey League, Ontario University Athletics among other broadcasting ventures, I have plenty to say on a variety of topics. There is a plethora (word of the day alert!) of subjects that I will venture into. Topics of early discussion will include:

1. Atlanta to Winnipeg? Could it really be happening?

2. Upcoming NHL Draft in Minnesota

3. The New Canadian professional basketball league. Can it actuallly work this time?

4. Sports media commentary and trends

..And oh yes, don't forget gratuiotous self-plugs. I won't limit it to me. If you want a plug, feel free to send it my way, just remember to pay it forward!

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