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Friday, May 27, 2011

So What Happened This Week?

Forgive my incoherence on this blog, if starts to become garbled.  On Monday I became a first time dad to my pride and joy Isla Madeleine Clark and I've been running on adrenalin and four hours sleep for the past week.  You know what?  It's exhilerating!  To all the fathers I know out there, I now get it!  My life perspective has changed and its pretty hard not to get overcome with emotion when I stare at the face of my beautiful daughter and also my beautiful wife who endured, according to the doctor "One of the most difficult deliveries I've had in a long time"  With lots of awake time at odd hourse, I've still been following sports and probably have seen endless loops of highlight reels! 

A few random thoughts:

1. Tough break for Owen Sound- Their two top players lost to concussion and the OHL champs ran out of gas. Hard not to root for Owen Sound with former Ice Dogs Matt Petgrave, Andrew Shaw, Andrew Fritsche and Jay Gilbert

2.  Vancouver vs Boston for Stanley Cup with Canucks in 6. To quote Chuck Swirsky, "you can book it"

3. On of the true gold standards for broadcasting is taking a step back next year as Rick Jeanerrette, Buffalo Sabres play by play man will be doing a reduced schedule.  A little Jeanerrette classic call anyone?

4. Mavs/Heat is great matchup for NBA Final as Dirk v Lebron and their chase for the elusive ring will take centre stage.  Love Lebron, rooting for Dirk though- Heat in 7 is my pick!

More to come when coherence is better and I'm not glancing at the baby monitor behind me :)

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