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Thursday, July 21, 2011


We had a unique experience yesterday as we took our 8 week old to "Strollers and Stars". In other words the chance to watch a movie with other parents and their infants.  Quite a surreal experience watching a movie while children are crying, crawling around and being walked around the theatre by their parents.  All in all, a great experience and the movie of choice, which was Horrible Bosses, was laugh out loud funny.  Here's hoping the babes in arms don't retain some of the blue language in the movie.  One thing that I could do without was the previews of movies like Fright Night and Final Destination 5.   Pretty scary visuals for adults, let alone infants.


It was a good move by the Blue Jays to close the Rogers Centre for Thursday's matinee game against Seattle.  I've sat in the 100 level during warm sunny days and it can get quite uncomfortable.   I can't imagine what it would be like in the oppressive heat that we are currently experiencing.  Now, sitting in the dome atmosphere for a day like this is no day at the picnic, but hopefully the air conditioning can make things somewhat palatable.  We also can't forget the players.  Temperatures at field level tend to soar beyond what we are experiencing. It is even worse for catchers and home plate umpires who have to don the protective gear.  At least Edwin Encarnacion has an excuse not to run out a ground ball today!


The non-waiver trade deadline is on July 31st and the Blue Jays are likely going to be sellers rather than buyers.  Teams have been sniffing around the Jays relief corps, though for the life of me I can't figure out why.  One name that has cropped up in trade talks has been Jason Frasor, which would be sad for the all-time Blue Jays leader in appearances.  Frasor, a  Jay for all of his career has roots in the Toronto area as he  also married a Canadian girl.  The Jays, currently at 49-49 and a distant 9.5 games back of the Wild-Card race would be better served to stay the course and only make a couple of cosmetic moves.  Brett Lawrie will be called up soon, mercifully pushing Edwin Encarnacion to the DH and hopefully returning Jose Bautista to the outfield full-time.  If that  happens, the Jays will have a surplus of outfielders.  An outfield of Travis Snyder, Eric Thames and Bautista holds a lot of potential, but that leaves Rajai Davis and Corey Patterson on the periphery. Then again, watching the duo in the outfield is a tad painful, especially Patterson who is so uncertain that he needs five opinions on whether its ok to go to the bathroom.


I was able to bask in the reflected glory of Ryan Strome's YouTube moment as seen here:

The exciting rookie did it again with this beauty during the Islanders rookie camp.

All highlights aside, Strome is one exciting, creative hockey player and what does not get stated nearly enough is the fact that he does have an edge to his game, and is willing to engage physically, even to the point of dropping the gloves.  He's got NHL star written all over him.


What an off-season it has been for hockey sports media as Buffalo, Calgary, Washington, Phoenix,  and Montreal will have different voices on either the TV or radio side of things.  Winnipeg's TV and radio deal announcement is also imminent.  I can't remember an off-season like this for in a while. 

Stay cool my friends!

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