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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Broadcast Booth Episode 1: Wednesday March 21st 10 pm

The first episode of the Broadcast Booth went in the can last night. By the way, that's TV talk for the episode being finished, not a commentary on the content and entertainment value of the production. Well, at least that is what I hope it means...

It's strange though.  I've been doing local TV now in a variety of roles for eight years now, but I never have felt as nervous as I did last night.  Maybe it was all the people running around setting up set, lighting, cameras audio, but I think more so, it was the fact that it was my name on the marquee, so to speak.   Literally my name was attached to the success or failure of the show. All worries went by the way side though.  My guests, The Hamilton Spectator's Scott Radley and Junior hockey commentator Al Galloway were fantastic, as they were both knowledgeable and entertaining and we literally could have spent the whole half hour on one topic, always a good sign for a talk show. 

Viewers of the show, I hope will be pleasantly surprised at the final product, as the guests were unafraid to voice their opinions, even if they would be considered dissenting view points.  Also, I think we raised some issues on Hockey in Hamilton going forward. 

I'll post a couple of pictures later on. 

The Broadcast Booth Wednesday 10 pm Cable 14 Hamilton, and also online at 

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