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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Call me the end result of a diverse mind, or call me too scattered and idle to develop a cohesive column, but here are a few scattered and very, very random thoughts as I ruminate on the OHL, NHL, Toronto sports, Wrestlemania, basketball and a few other choice subjects.

- The OHL playoffs sure are fun, and unpredictable.  Consider:

  • The Ice Dogs were 3:30 away from a 3-0 series lead, and a chance to sweep away the Generals on Sunday.  Two goals in eight seconds now push us to a pivotal game four , and a series in which Oshawa is very much alive
  • The Belleville Bulls were about 10 minutes away from squaring their series at 2-2 as they held a comfortable 3-0 lead on Ottawa.  That lead dissipated and the 67's furious rally placed the game in OT.  All was well in Belle-Vegas as Brady Austin won it in OT and sent the series to a best of three. 
  • The #2 seed in the West, the Plymouth Whalers were in deep trouble in their series as they were down 2-0 to Guelph.  The Whale posted an emphatic 7-1 pasting to get right back in the series.  
  • The Sudbury Wolves and Brampton Battalion series was deemed to be a pick 'em by many prognosticators, and yours truly had Sudbury in 6.   Here we are approaching Game 4 and the Troops are prepared to bring out the brooms versus the Wolves
- What is not fun right now is being a Toronto fan of either the Raptors or the Leafs.  Raptor fans are cheering a free slice of pizza for hitting a 100 points, even though their team trailed by 18 at the time.  Leaf fans are embracing the phrase " Tank Nation", something evidently embraced by osmosis by the pitiful collection of Leafs that wear the Blue and White

- Quebec is breaking ground on an NHL style arena, though they are missing the key component of an NHL franchise.  I'd just like to point out Hamilton's Victor K. Copps Coliseum was built in 1985 for many of the same reason as Quebec.  Both have adopted the mantra "If you build it, they will come".  I've dubbed Copps as the White Elephant on Bay Street

- While the Leafs suffer through their 7th straight non-playoff campaign, the Red Wings just garnered their 21st post-season appearance in a row.  No need for further commentary

- Wrestlemania goes on Sunday wit the highlight being John Cena vs The Rock.  The build up for this match was lacklustre at best until Monday night when the two engaged in a spirited verbal showdown.  I was in before, but now my level of intrigue has increased.   

- Congrats to the NBL of Canada for a successful first season. Success in Canadian professional basketball is measured by if all your franchises survived the first year.  Plans for expansion are in the works and the London Lightening/Halifax Rainmen drew over 5 000 at the John Labbat Centre for the pivotal Game 5 which was won by the Lightening.  Hopefully the league will expand to Hamilton so that there is a more central point between the existing franchises in Oshawa and London. 

- With Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas and Ohio State in the Final Four, my two least favourite coaches are left standing with the equally smug John Calipari and Rick Pittino.  At least one of the two will be beaten out on Saturday as it's an all Kentucky match up involving the two coaches.  

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