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Monday, October 22, 2012


Deviating from the normal ramblings, it's time to focus on my hometown, which is actually Waterdown, though the exorbitant taxes go to Hamilton, and oh, it was a busy weekend if you were a supporter of Hamilton sports, fraught with both success, and a dash of frustration.    Hey, it would not be Hamilton if there was not a little frustration mixed in. Whenever I'm asked if I want the good news or the bad news, I always start with the good news.  So with that caveat in mind, here we go!

On the heels of their Vanier Cup last year, the McMaster Marauder football team completed an unbeaten regular season in the OUA as they dismantled the playoff bound Laurier Golden Hawks 43-0 at Ron Joyce Stadium.  Make no mistake about it, this was a score that flattered the visitors as the Marauders marched out to a 33-0 Halftime lead before letttng the second stringers usher home the victory.  The Marauders get a much coveted bye as they await their next opponent, which will be an OUA Semi-Final match at home. 

On a side note, kudos to my alma mater at McMaster, 93.3 CFMU-FM.   I do not know who the broadcasters are for the football game, but they are damn entertaining.  They are not the most polished broadcasters, but they took a good minute or two to make fun of The Score's on-air personnel and their dress code. I'm pretty sure they were associated with the team at one point, because they do know their football vernacular.  Oh sure CHML has the polished broadcasters, but give me the irreverence of CFMU-FM any day of the week!

Although the Hamilton Bulldogs only split their home and home versus the Marlies this weekend, their home opener drew a sellout crowd in excess of 9 000, and it was great to see a buzz around the Bulldogs again.   Hopefully the team can continue the momentum both during and when the NHL Lockout ends.   The team had a chance to strut their stuff during a Sportsnet broadcast on Saturday and will return home again this weekend.  The crowds this Friday and Sunday will be telling factors in momentum sustainability.  Another nod to the alternative broadcasters, as Cable 14 delivered a home opener on par with a network broadcast. This was no more evident than a rollicking beginning featuring the outstanding All About Maggie who delivered a very worthy opening, in the vain of Monday Night and Sunday Night Football who used to open with the now disgraced Hank Williams.  After that it was on to the smooth professionalism of Todd Crocker, Mike Fortune and Norm Miller whose presentation was "Easy Like Sunday Morning" to listen to.

Oh those Tiger Cats.  How can I lose thee game, let me count the ways?  In Henry Burris' return to Calgary, it was set up for a Tabby victory, with a chip shot field goal, all be it in less than stellar conditions.  However, sure-handed Andy Fantuz flubbed the hold, and the Stamps pretty much extinguished the play off hopes of the Cats with one that will fall under the category of "We'll take it!"   I feel bad for Fantuz, who is one of the best Canadians in the league, but unfortunately in my mind, he's become an adjective, as in "He really Fantuzed that up"   Ivor Wynne Stadium will host their last regular season game this weekend, and I cannot wait to see what the "Box J Boys" have planned. 

Steve Clark
Proud Waterdown-ite, and Hamiltonian

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