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Monday, June 20, 2011


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Got a call from a great guy and great broadcaster in Matt Cauz, saying they needed someone to do some spotting at the Argos/Tiger Cats pre-season game down at Rogers Centre for the TSN Radio.  I jumped at the opportunity, so there I was sitting beside one of the well-respected play by play callers of our time in Rod Black.

Now, full-disclosure.   I'm a bit of a strange fellow in that I get that sense or celebrity nervousness meeting on-air broadcasters that others do meeting athletes, and other celebrities.  I remember meeting Chris Cuthbert of TSN and rambling incoherently for a minute or two, and being proud of the fact that I got a return tweet from the likes of  former Raptor/current Bull's broadcaster Chuck Swirsky and ESPN's Dan Shulman.

Gotta say that the whole TSN crew from on-air down, was one professional broadcast.  It was hard to believe that it was their inaugaral football game.  Rod Black, in particular, went out of his way to offer encouragement during the broadcast and I came away mightily impressed with how seamlessly he did his play by play while interracting with Matt Dunigan and Chris Schultz, his colour guys and also off air crew like myself who were firing stats at him left/right and centre.   Black, Schultz and Dunigan have the type of camaraderie and on-air chemistry that I like to think Al Galloway, Ed Burkholder and I have on our broadcasts for the Ice Dogs. 

Extra kudos go to Mike Hogan for a two-hour pre-game show in which he shuffled in guests, and pre-taped interviews like a pro. Hoagie is one guy that I am really glad to see is back on the air.

TSN Radio may not be winning the radio war in the early going, but they sure do know on-air quality.

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