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Thursday, June 2, 2011



Howard Berger was just let go after 23 years covering the Leafs beat for the Fan 590 and also Telelmedia sports.   Howard unfairly received a lot of criticism for his work, for reasons that I can't figure out. A friend and I used to joke that Howard asked the most basic and pedantic questions to athletes in order to garner their response. Since working as a freelance media member, I've interviewed a ton of people,and you know what?   I ask a lot of basic and obvious questions. Every reporter asks basic questions.  It is the nature of the business that you have to cultivate relationships because you spend every day talking to players and coaches and you need those daily soundbites.  No one did that better than Howard Berger.

Also, those who critique Berger, and there a lot of them, remember one thing.  Howard was more than a broadcaster.  He was an outstanding writer who authored On The Road and On The Road Again, two great reads about day to day life in the NHL.  He also wrote articles for the National Post.

He was not my favourite on-air personality, but he did job well, and he remains an outstanding writer.

Good luck in the future Howard!

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  1. You had to know he was in trouble when they were pairing him with AK in the afternoon. AK would be next but that would mean management eating a whole buncha crow.